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Hi, I'm Param πŸ‘‹

I help people to learn web and mobile technologies through workshops, webinars and courses.

I prefer teaching through practical examples and encourage everyone to learn by doing.


Default values while Destructuring in JavaScript

August 18, 2019 β€’ 🍿 2 min read

Destructuring object or array are great features in es6. There are several use cases for it. In this article, we will learn how to set default values while destructuring.

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Styling a react app using Emotion CSS in JS library - An introduction to Emotion

August 16, 2019 β€’ 🍿🍿 8 min read

How to style your react app using emotion library. It has several ways to style the app. We will learn how to create global styles, styled components and CSS in JS through set of emotion libraries.

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Union of objects in javaScript based on unique value - Merging worlds using javaScript

August 13, 2019 β€’ 🍿 4 min read

In modern javascript, its very easy to merge two objects, but do you know how to merge more complex objects or arrays based on unique values on two different objects. Lets leran that technique together.

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Vanilla JS equivalent for counting number of child elements using className

August 10, 2019 β€’ 🍿 1 min read

How to count the number of child elements using classnames in javascript. It is very easy with jQuery, but do you know how to do it in javascript, lets learn it today.

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How to group an array of objects through a key using Array reduce in javascript

August 06, 2019 β€’ 🍿 3 min read

Understand how to group an array of objects using one of its key. We will achieve this function using array reduce in javascript.

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How to sync props to state properly in React Hooks

August 02, 2019 β€’ 🍿 2 min read

It is easy to pass props to state in react hooks, but do you know how to sync props changes to state changes after initialization. It is also easy, lets see that in this article.

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What I teach and Learn

In the large JavaScript Ocean, I am exploring few of the Islands. On my way, I love to guide through those islands for beginners and professionals

  • HTML, CSS and Everything

    User interface is an art. HTML5 and CSS3 are the tools to create UI for web. Most web developers start their learning journey with HTML and CSS. Its easy to learn HTML and CSS, but takes a lot of practice to master this art.

    HTML, CSS and Everything
  • JavaScript++


    JavaScript world has grown into an multi-verse. You can create any kind of applications targeting desktop, web and mobile using JS. Lot of people have JS fatigue too due to number of frameworks and libraries in JS πŸ˜‰

  • React and Move Faster

    Ease of development and maintainability is the key for software development. React has been the game changer in developer experience. More and more developers are learning react based web and mobile stack to boost up their career opportunities.

    React and Move Faster
  • GraphQL and its Networks

    GraphQL and its Networks

    GraphQL become buzzword in tech for recent times along with React. I foresee graphql is here to stay for long with strong communities and companies backing it. A nice to have knowledge will become must have skill on every job description in near future.

  • CSS-in-JS and CSS++

    What CSS in JS? Are you kidding me? No, I am not. HTML is JS and CSS in JS aren't bad anymore. It solves lot of development problems in recent times and one of the technologies for future along with React and GraphQL

    CSS-in-JS and CSS++
  • Flirting with Native

    Flirting with Native

    I use both react native and flutter for mobile development, I love both and felt flutter is better in some aspects. But so far, I have released only react native apps to production. Love to learn more and teach more in mobile development through React Native and flutter 😎

  • Gatsby Party

    Isn't Gatsby belongs to React ecosystem? Yes it does. But I want to keep a special mention for this awesome framework. Gatsby along with headless CMS will replace a lot of traditional decades old websites very soon. Oh boy, this is just a leaf out of whole Gatsby plant, I can't wait to see when the plants becomes a beautiful garden.

    Gatsby Party
  • Django++ for rapid prototyping

    Django++ for rapid prototyping

    I believe in horses for the courses, if there is a requirement for rapid prototyping for basic rest API or website. I prefer Python / Django over JS based stack. After all, tools are chosen based on what we want to accomplish 😊

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