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Hi, I'm Param 👋

I help people to learn web and mobile technologies through workshops, webinars and courses.

I prefer teaching through practical examples and encourage everyone to learn by doing.

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Creating 404 page in react using React Router

May 08, 2019🍿 2 min read

We have learned how to create dynamic URL in react router and also we learned how to handle query params in react router and pass those values to the page component in our previous posts. In this…

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How design skills help developer to contribute better to the products

May 05, 2019🍿 2 min read

UI and UX design skills are overlooked by developers, especially in large organizations. It’s one of the important skills to build better products and help product teams with efficient feedbacks early…

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Different ways to communicate better in teams

April 29, 2019🍿 4 min read

When your team grow, the biggest pain will be collaboration. It should be solved as a company culture, else it can become a big mess for productivity. Lot of company relies too much on slack or…

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Refactor the book search app and separate components, Part 3

April 25, 2019🍿 4 min read

Until part 2 , we have created a book search app and handled the loading and error state. Now we are going to see how we can split the app structure into components. We have written the whole app in…

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What I teach and Learn

In the large JavaScript Ocean, I am exploring few of the Islands. On my way, I love to guide through those islands for beginners and professionals

  • HTML, CSS and Everything

    User interface is an art. HTML5 and CSS3 are the tools to create UI for web. Most web developers start their learning journey with HTML and CSS. Its easy to learn HTML and CSS, but takes a lot of practice to master this art.

    HTML, CSS and Everything
  • JavaScript++


    JavaScript world has grown into an multi-verse. You can create any kind of applications targeting desktop, web and mobile using JS. Lot of people have JS fatigue too due to number of frameworks and libraries in JS 😉

  • React and Move Faster

    Ease of development and maintainability is the key for software development. React has been the game changer in developer experience. More and more developers are learning react based web and mobile stack to boost up their career opportunities.

    React and Move Faster
  • GraphQL and its Networks

    GraphQL and its Networks

    GraphQL become buzzword in tech for recent times along with React. I foresee graphql is here to stay for long with strong communities and companies backing it. A nice to have knowledge will become must have skill on every job description in near future.

  • CSS-in-JS and CSS++

    What CSS in JS? Are you kidding me? No, I am not. HTML is JS and CSS in JS aren't bad anymore. It solves lot of development problems in recent times and one of the technologies for future along with React and GraphQL

    CSS-in-JS and CSS++
  • Flirting with Flutter

    Flirting with Flutter

    Why flutter? Aren't react developers choose react native for mobile development? Well, I strongly believe in Horses for the Courses. Web and mobile frameworks requires different strategies. I like flutter for several reason, but the main one is, It helps me to learn good things from non JavaScript world. After all, Monopoly is bad, no?! 😎

  • Gatsby Party

    Isn't Gatsby belongs to React ecosystem? Yes it does. But I want to keep a special mention for this awesome framework. Gatsby along with headless CMS will replace a lot of traditional decades old websites very soon. Oh boy, this is just a leaf out of whole Gatsby plant, I can't wait to see when the plants becomes a beautiful garden.

    Gatsby Party

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