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Hooked with React - Creating book details page using react router, Part 4

June 12, 2019🍿 6 min read

We have already created the books list page for our book search page. Now lets create another page for each book using react router.You can check the app in action here,Creating books detail pageFirst…

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How to increase your productivity while working remotely

May 30, 2019🍿 4 min read

There are many companies operating completely as remote first companies and many other companies are started giving remote as perks while hiring.It’s really good to see companies care about employees…

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React as templates for your server side applications

May 16, 2019🍿 2 min read

You might have used several template engine along with your web frameworks. Common template engines used for websites are,For last few years, React has caught a lot of attention among developers…

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Creating 404 page in react using React Router

May 08, 2019🍿 2 min read

We have learned how to create dynamic URL in react router and also we learned how to handle query params in react router and pass those values to the page component in our previous posts.In this part…

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Maintaining centralized documentation using Docusaurus

May 12, 2019🍿 1 min read

Every engineering team face problem of where to maintain documentation once team grows. We at Jobbatical faced similar problem and finally comes to a working solution.What is Docusaurus?Docusaurus is…

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How design skills help developer to contribute better to the products

May 05, 2019🍿 2 min read

UI and UX design skills are overlooked by developers, especially in large organizations. It’s one of the important skills to build better products and help product teams with efficient feedbacks early…

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Quicklink - a small JS library to fast load subsequent pages and improve user experience

May 05, 2019🍿 2 min read

Most of the modern web frameworks handle loading subsequent pages faster by different techniques like code splitting, front end caching, service workers etc.Some other common techniques to boost site…

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Different ways to communicate better in teams

April 29, 2019🍿 4 min read

When your team grow, the biggest pain will be collaboration. It should be solved as a company culture, else it can become a big mess for productivity.Lot of company relies too much on slack or similar…

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