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Styled components using emotion in React - Badge component - Styling in React

🍿 12 min watch

Lets learn to create a styled component in React using Emotion library. We will create a Badge component and style it using emotion

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Styling a React component using CSS Modules - Card Component

🍿 4 min watch

Lets learn to re-write styles using CSS Modules for our card component. Also learn how CSS Modules work and helpful for styling react components.

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Styling a React component using CSS - Card Component

🍿 7 min watch

Lets learn to create a card component in React and style it using plain old CSS

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Managing error and loading state using useReducer

🍿🍿 18 min watch

In this tutorial, we will learn when to use useState and when to use useReducer. Also how to manage error and loading state while fetching an API using useEffect.

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Fetch API data in React using useEffect hooks

🍿 7 min watch

Lets learn to fetch countries REST API using react useEffect and browser fetch API.

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React useState example by building a text-size changer

🍿 5 min watch

In this example, we learn to use React useState hooks to change font size of a content block

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