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Hooked with React - Error handling and loading state in react hooks, Part 2

April 18, 2019🍿 4 min read

In part 1 , we created the books search react app. But we didn’t handle any errors or have any loading state before fetching the data from API. In this part, we will see error handling loading state…

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Dynamic pages in react router

April 15, 2019🍿 4 min read

In part 1 , we learned how to create basic static pages in react router. Now we are going to learn how to create dynamic URLs in react router. We are going to create two routes, Users Route (static…

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Hooked with React - Learn by building a book search app using react and its siblings, Part 1

April 14, 2019🍿 4 min read

Lets build a simple books search page using google books API in react. While developing it, we will explore react hooks, css modules and testing in react application. This will be a multipart series…

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Different types of routers in react router

April 12, 2019🍿 2 min read

In the part 1 , we discussed about basic routing. We have used as our router. There are few more different types of router in react router. Here we will see when to use those routers. MemoryRouter…

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Basic routing in React using React Router

April 10, 2019🍿 4 min read

React is widely used library for client side web applications. In any web applications, there will be multiple pages. routing the URL properly and load different pages based on route parameters is a…

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